Experimental settings#

An example of a settings file can be found in the Examples folder of the repository.


Experiment beam settings:

  • beam_energy – energy of the electron beam, keV

  • beam_current – current of the electron beam, A

Modulation of the beam profile:

  • gauss_dev – standard deviation of a Gaussian beam shape function in nm

  • n – order of the Gaussian function (see super or higher order gaussian distribution)

Electron trajectory settings:

  • minimum_energy – energy at which electron trajectory following concludes, keV


  • precursor_flux – precursor flux at the surface, 1/(nm^2*s)

  • substrate_element – material of the substrate, i.e. ‘Au’

  • deposition_scaling – multiplier for deposited volume for artificial speed up of the simulation

  • emission_fraction – fraction of the total energy lost by primary electrons that is converted to secondary electron emission