Welcome to FEBID Simulation documentation!#

The package is virtual representation of the direct-write nanofabrication technique called FEBID driven by an electron beam that typically takes place in a SEM. The simulation takes in a handful of parameters and allows prediction of the deposit shape expected from an experiment. It features a live visual process representation, periodical save of the current state of the 3D deposited structure and recording of the process parameters like time and growth rate. Additionally, the package features an electron beam - matter simulator, that can be run separately using a previously saved 3D structure to reveal beam related details of the process.

The saved 3D structure files can then be interactively viewed or compiled into a animated series depicting the process.

The Getting started section will let you quickly install the package and run an example simulation. A more detailed interface manual, input parameter files explanation and features list will give a full understanding on how to use the simulation.

For more in-deep understanding of the simulation design and code details check the API section.

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